Masters Systems Engineering Team




Alexandre Cheytanov - serves as Assistant Resident Director at George Mason University Office of Housing and Residents Life. He is responsible for overseeing six Resident Advisors and 200 undergraduate students. His responsibilities include managing, approving and distributing a budget over $10,000 while managing maintenance, housekeeping and other university employees. Mr. Cheytanov earned his Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering at George Mason University in May 2013 and is expected to receive his Masters degree in Systems Engineering on May 2015. Alexandre is originally from  Bulgaria and moved to the United States in 2001. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking and traveling.




Molly James - currently serves as the director of business operations for the Guardtime Solutions business unit. She is responsible for overseeing the business operations branch for the team. These responsibilities consist of: implementing, maintaining, and updating business process and procedures; working and coordinating with other teams and business units within MTSI; developing and maintaining the business unit marketing plan; managing program performance metrics; managing the team budget; and assisting in project management duties. Molly works closely with the program manager to achieve the objectives of the business unit. Molly has worked to develop, implement, and maintain business process efficiencies for the company as a whole. Additionally, she has been active in the MTSI Organizational Conflict of Interest Committee. In this position, she has managed the meetings, worked to develop innovative solutions to solve tactical and process problems, and collaborated in project OCI reviews.

Prior to these roles, Molly was a contracts manager at MTSI from 2007 to 2013 where she administered approximately 20-25 contracts from cradle to grave. She worked on proposals by providing pricing, cost, and contract narratives, assisted in developing competitive pricing by creating cost analyses and pricing scenarios. Molly negotiated contracts, administered and maintained contracts before handling the contract closeout. She received her B.A. from James Madison University and is currently working on her M.S. in Systems Engineering at George Mason University, with an expected graduation of May 2016. An Air Force brat, Molly has lived in Edwards Air Force Base, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, prior to moving to Dumfries, Virginia, in 1994. Ms. James considers herself a Virginian though she has lived in several locations including a two-and-a-half-year stay in Germany. Ms. James speaks fluent German and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

Adrien Sullivan - Comes to the team as a returning George Mason graduate. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2009, and went on to work with the Department of Defense European Activities office in Mainz-Kastel, Germany, as well as the George C. Marshall Center for Advanced Security Studies, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. He returned in 2012 to serve as the Lead IT-Specialist for the National Science Foundation, where he shapes policy and planning for Macintosh and mobile device management services for the foundation. He also manages the IT Infrastructure support for the NSF Overseas offices in Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing, helping them transition from off-site to State Department office space He is an avid flight enthusiast, and has trained in Cessna 172, 182, and Piper Arrow aircraft at Peterson AFB, in Colorado Springs, CO. He is currently an active member in the flight simulation and gaming community, and hosts LAN-party game sessions as time permits. 

Karym Zabara - Currently serving as a Production Planner/ Systems Engineer at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics on the operations side in the East Atlantic region specifically Baltimore. His main position makes him an integral person responsible for creating, tracking, and monitoring strategic production plans as well as developing performance metrics for facility operations at the employee and management levels (daily, weekly, and yearly bases). His role spans across multi-verse Original Equipment Manufacturers. Mr. Zabara earned his Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering with a specialization in Air Traffic Services at George Mason University in May 2013 and is expected to receive his Masters degree in Systems Engineering with a specialization in Systems Management on May 2015. Karym Zabara born in the United States. He enjoys bowling, hiking and traveling.


The Game Design Team

Han Tsung Liu - studies software engineering at George Mason University, while minoring in computer game design. He is also currently working as a campus resident technician for students, where his responsibilities include troubleshooting Mason network servoces, and computer system related problems. He has worked as a research assistant for the National Science Foundation at University of Arkansas, Little Rock in the summer of 2014. His research focused on studying permission-based security for Android applications, as well as custom programming permissions. 

  During the summer of 2013 he was an intern at Hurd I/T communication in Vienna Virginia, as a web application developer and contributed to team projects focused on improving web tool kit capabilities. He also learned to program in ColdFusion on the job in addition to furthering his experience in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  His favorite programming language is Java but he has also acquired 4 years of experience programming in C, and 2 years in MIPS assembly  language. He has designed and implemented software using the Iterative Waterfall Model and Test Driven Development. During off-work hours,  he loves to listen to English, Chinese and Japanese Music while playing counter strike, or watch Japanese Anime


John Stoffelen - is currently a student attending George Mason University pursuing a degree in the BFA Computer Game Design Degree. Throughout his collage courses John has been focusing on creating 3d art with a passion, in order to continuosly improve his skills. After taking classes, and working under multiple teachers who have worked on multiple games and companies, John hopes to be able to work on a game that becomes as well konwn as one his teachers have made.

John Erick Mack IV - is currently studying as a Computer Game Design Major at George Mason University. He has worked at multiple game design firms such as Activision, Mobile Deluxe, and FGL. He has also worked at the law firm of MS&K for cases involving video games. His skills include team management, Photoshop, Microsoft Word & Excel, and designing video games through Unity, Game Salad, and the Unreal Engine.  Mr. Mack also has prior experience working on a production team as well as Q&A bug testing experience at Activision's Marvel Division.  Mr. Mack is also an Eagle Scout graduated from the Boy Scout Troop 223. When he is not working he enjoys playing video games with friends, watching Star Wars, and traveling. Mr. Mack is currently residing in Fairfax, Virginia and he can be reached via email. 

Kathryn Thomas - is currently a senior pursuing a BFA in Computer Game Design, in the Honor’s College at George Mason University.  Though her passion is in writing and level design, she has experience in 3D modeling and animation as well. Kathryn also has experience utilizing several programs including: Unity, UDK, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and In Design. Since attending Mason, she has been involved in the development of several games within the Computer Game Design program. While not creating games, Kathryn usually can be found working on her writings at a local Starbucks, or at home playing video games.