The Integrated System

The goal of this project was to find the best way to bring elements from the FIST2FAC Lite and SCOUT systems together. A successfully integrated SCOUT and FIST2FAC system will streamline and enhance the way sailors train, by giving them access to a complete training solution that can accommodate UAV’s into the naval battlespace during large scale simulated exercises, while obtaining metrics for each operator engaged in the simulation. This will better prepare naval sailors and UAV Operators for real world missions, and increase the battlespace intelligence across many different theatres and scenarios that they may encounter.

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The integrated performance and biometric data that the system provides will be a critical step in gathering the necessary data to enable a safe transition to a multiple UAV to one operator paradigm, and will help reduce the human overhead associated with operating UAVs, allowing personnel to be tasked and allocated more efficiently and effectively. With the addition of biometric data into the training scenarios, one can test the level of workload and engagement in each operator, allowing much more efficient metrics for determining when to rotate duty stations, the level of effort during a training mission, and the overall physiological impact that a training mission has on the crew. The true value of this data lies in being able to establish baseline metrics for training, procedures, duty rotations, and mission duration limits based on real world data, all while using the integrated training simulator, and training exercises. These baselines may be useful and applicable on a much broader scale than the destroyer bridge.